Designed and manufactured in the USA!
Designed and manufactured in the USA!
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Why We Started Pinteal

It all started with a passion for the outdoors – and a missed opportunity.

I hunt in Central Louisiana, at the bottom of the Mississippi flyway. By the time the birds get down to us, they’ve got it all figured out. So we’ve got to use anything and everything to get them to give you that oh-so-satisfying gear down, cupped up picture. You name it, we’ve got it: lay down blinds, pit blinds, levee blinds, corn, flooded timber, full bodied decoys, and of course, spinning decoys. Today, almost everyone we know has these in the spread. As we all know, though, the ducks are getting used to ‘em and the geese won’t come near them. So now, everyone’s got the remotes. My first remote purchase was 6 years ago. I got it for one of my baby mojo’s. Those who have made this same mistake know where I’m going with this – the remotes don’t come stock for those models. Not knowing this, I pulled the trigger, brought it home, and tried to install it. After a few minutes of confusion, I hit the internet, and, with the help of our hunting community, I was able to figure out the necessary wiring to make it work.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m sitting in one of our road blinds with my Dad at 5:30 AM, waiting for shooting time. We’ve set out a spread of 24 mallard and pintail decoys with a few dozen geese behind us. My new and improved remote controlled mojo is off to the left, trying it’s best to get the wary birds just a little closer. It’s a slow day. No sign of birds anywhere and by noon, we’re getting ready to pack up. I look at my Dad and he says, “Time for the 15-minute rule?” I agree, and we start the clock. We break over 10 minutes and I lose all hope. “Skunked on the last hunt of the season,” I thought. Then they call out to us. A flock of blues and snows announce their arrival with loud, clear cackles. At about 500 yards off, we can see that they’re just low enough that they may take some interest. Dad and I hit the calls. They keep coming. They drop 15 yards down within range but still too far out. We see the feet drop and they start to flip. They want in.

Dad quits calling, looks at me, and says, “Cut that mojo!!! You’ll scare ‘em.” I grab my remote as quickly as I can and hit the “OFF” button. Nothing happens. I hit it again. Still nothing. “Hurry up! They’ll see it.” I turn the remote off then back on for one last try. I press it, still nothing. The loud goose calls turn into subtle grunts and swift wing flaps as they catch a glimpse of the constant speed mojo. They gain altitude, escape our range, and fly off, laughing at us the whole way. I still remember my old man’s disappointment. “You couldn’t check that before we got out here, son?”

That day, Danny and I decided that the outdoor industry’s technology is too far behind modern capabilities. My encounter with those geese and that remote gave us our first idea: a decoy controller that you can operate with your phone that gives you operational indicators, speed control, and intermittent timing capabilities. Additionally, we designed the product to be compatible with old and new models – no more rewiring – and all manufacturers. Regardless of where your brand loyalty lies, we’ve got a controller for you. Our hope for Pinteal is to elevate the modern hunter’s toolkit to one that’s modern, rugged, & dependable, but also simple. We love the outdoors and want to help everyone to focus on the experience, not the equipment.

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