Designed and manufactured in the USA!
Designed and manufactured in the USA!
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Pinteal iOS and Controller Update (1.1)

software update

At Pinteal we strive to make our products better everyday. Today, we are happy to announce the next version of our iPhone app, version 1.1. This version includes performance and user experience improvements.

Most importantly it gives you the capability to update the software that runs on the Pinteal controller from the application itself, yes there is a little computer in your decoy controller!

This wireless updating process allows us to continually improve the functionality and features of the product. This update improves the connection quality and resilience. We strive to be the one piece of gear in your bag that only gets better with age.

Below is a video of our founder, Chris Herrington, walking through the updating process.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Pinteal team

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  • Matt D on

    Build a system that doesn’t require you to pull out out your 1,500 dollar phone in the marsh, open up an ap, look at your phone and shut off spinners then quickly secure phone before the geese are in range. Make a waterproof remote that you can quickly push one button without looking down and taking your eyes off the hunt. I would pay 100$ for a reliable remote that was properly made for the marsh. A remote similar to the minn kota trolling motor has always been an idea I’ve had. Good luck! The industry does need something better than what’s out there.

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